Exercise Hamstrings

exercise hamstrings
execercise hamstrings
exercise hamstrings

Do you want to exercise hamstrings? Strengthen your thighs? Then the exercises that follow may be of help to you!

The muscles on the back of your thigh, M. Biceps Femoris, M. Semimembranosus and M. Semitendinosus are together called hamstrings. They help you to bend and use your legs.

Here are three exercises presented that can help you to strengthen and exercise hamstrings! But before you start exercise hamstrings it’s good to warm up your body. Some light running, bicycling or something else that warms up your body. This helps you to prevent injuries and is something that is good to always start a training session with.


Lunges help you to exercise hamstrings, but also your rear and the front of your thighs. When performing this exercise, the only thing you need is yourself! Your body is the weight.

To start with you place your feet shoulder wide on the floor. Then take a big step forward with one foot and bend both of your knees. When the back knee is near the floor, you press up your leg again to starting position. Then you repeat with your other leg.

When you do this to exercise hamstrings it can help if you tighten your abs. Also remember to have your front knee behind your toes when in the front position. If you want to make the exercise heavier you can carry a weight when performing it.


When performing this exercise you need a friend to help you.

You stand on the floor on your knees and the friend sits on your calves and feet. She/he is going to work as a counterweight, so be sure she/he is sitting stable. You raise your hands and keep them a little bit in front of your chest. They are supposed to catch you when you’re getting closer to the ground.

Then you start leaning forward slowly and use your hamstrings to resist and keep yourself from falling. When you can’t hold any longer you catch yourself with your hands and return to starting position.

You can then switch places and help each other with your exercise hamstrings training!


Hamstring curl can be varied in many ways. You can do it with only your body as help, there are special machines where you can lift weights and you can have a ball to help you exercise hamstrings.

Here we present a way to exercise hamstrings with a ball. This exercise activates your rear, the lower part of your back and your hamstrings. 

You lay down on the floor on your back. You then put your calves on the ball and place your arms relaxed and on the sides of your body. You press up your hips so your body is straight, then you pull the ball in until the soles of you feet stands on the ball. Keep your hips high. You then roll the ball back to the starting position and start over.


Like always when you exercise, it’s important to perform the exercises correctly. It’s easy to harm or over stimulate the muscles if the exercises are done in the wrong way. How many repetitions and how much exercise you do is individual. But it’s good to exercise the whole body and not just one area.

So lunges, Nordic hamstrings and hamstring curl on ball are all exercises that can help you exercise hamstrings.